Shopping Fee

Standard Shipping: We offer standard free shipping.

Express Shipping:  We offer paid express shipping (Price depends on region)

Shipping Time

Processing time :1-4 business days (excluding statutory holidays)

Standard Shipping: 6-14 business days (Totally 7–18 days)

Express Shipping: 4-8 business days (Totally 5–13 days)

Customs Import Duty

We offer free shipping and tax-free on all orders.

Shipping Policy:

During order processing period (before your order is fulfilled), you can contact our service to change your shipping information (Cannot change country).

For orders from South Africa and Chile, we request customer's ID number for filling shipping and customs declaration. We will ask via email when a customer places an order for the first time, and we will start to process the order if when we receive the ID.

For declaration required parcel that holding in local customs, We will assist you with your customs declaration, and customers should be actively dealing with it. If you fail to declare in time or reject to pay tariff and cause the package is returned by your local customs, we will not issue a refund.

For failed delivery order in last-mile-delivery, we or your local postal office will contact you for pickup. If you fail to pick up in time and cause the package is returned by your local postal service, we will not issue a refund.

Note: Shoe boxes will be automatically removed if you order multiple pairs of shoes at a time. Please email or leave a message to our Live Service if you request boxes.